10 Year Prosmart Motor / Compressor Warranty

Beko Australia &New Zealand Pty Ltd currently offers a 10 year parts warranty on the motor of the washing machines and has now implemented a 10 year parts warranty for selected fridge models that have an inverter compressor.

The guarantee applies where the repair required is due to manufacturing or material defect as determined by an authorised Beko Service agent and covers the cost of the part only and excludes other parts and call out and labour charges.

Standard Brushed DC Motor

Standard Brushed DC Motor

Friction-Based System

Prosmart Inverter Motor

ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology

No Friction

10 Year Prosmart Motor/Compressor Warranty

Use the link below to Register for your 10 Year Motor / Compressor Warranty. Terms and Conditions Apply

Check your product code below.

* Indicates product is eligible for 10 year motor/compressor warranty

  • BFL103ADW*
  • BFL8510MG*
  • BFL853ADW*
  • WMA8168LB1*
  • WMA9148LB1*
  • WMY1048LB1*
  • WMY7046LB2*
  • WMY8046LB2*
  • WMY8068LB1*
  • WMY9046LB2*
  • WMY9048LB1*
  • BWD7541IG*
  • BBM335PX*
  • BBM335W*
  • BBM407PX*
  • BBM450W*
  • BBM450X*
  • BBM505X*
  • BFD629DX*
  • BFD629X*
  • BFR630DB*
  • BFR630DX*
  • BSB631DX*
  • BSB641W*
  • BSB641X*
  • BTM345PX*
  • BTM345W*
  • BTM425PX*
  • BTM425W*
  • BTM510W*
  • BTM510X*
  • GNE134750X*
  • BDP83HW*
  • BDF1630X*

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