Smart Washing Machine Technology and Innovation

Autodose Technology

Official Partner of... waste-haters

Beko Autodose Technology

Waste-haters work hard to never, ever waste a drop of anything, ever. So the new Autodosing program in Beko washing machines should come in handy. No need to waste a drop guessing how much detergent and softener to use for each wash. Just fill the detergent and softener tanks once, then the machine detects the weight of your load and automatically chooses just the right amount of detergent, softener and water to use. So you get perfect cleaning and rinsing results without any waste, in every single wash. It saves you time, money and energy and helps protect the planet too. Thrifty magic!

AquaWave® Technology

Official Partner of... favourite shirts

Beko AquaWave Technology

It’s the shirt you’ve had for years. You’ve been through a lot together and it really is your favourite. Putting it into the washing machine always worries you. With Beko AquaWave® technology, there’s no need for concern. A specially designed drum pattern gently moves your laundry in a wave-like drum action. So your clothes move smoothly around in the drum. AquaWave® glass in the door is curved too and specially designed paddles moving the clothes more easily, giving a better mixing effect while increasing washing performance. And your favourite shirt will last for a lot more nights out to come.

ProSmart™ Inverter Motor

Official Partner of... want it all types

Beko Prosmart Inverter Motor

Want-it-all types are a bit greedy. They want lots of things all at once. They like efficiency. They like durability. And they want peace and quiet. How demanding! Beko has cleverly created technology that caters for multi-demands. Beko ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology offers energy efficiency for your washing machine up to A+++ (-70%)*, keeping your electricity bills down. It comes with a 10 year warranty on registration – so you know it won’t let you down. It also keeps noise down too thanks to a variable, (frictionless) motor speed that helps you to set the drum rotation to suit your clothes. Adjusted drum rotation lets the clothes move more easily and quietly in the drum, so your washing won’t disturb anyone - unlike want-it-all types’ mobile phones… *Tested by internal laboratories

Daily Express Function

Official Partner of... big-to-do-lists

Beko Daily Quick Program

People with big-to-do-lists, love a time saver. Getting jobs done quicker and crossing them off the list – deep joy! The Beko Daily Express is a daily program that can wash a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes at 30 °C. So it can be in and out the machine quick as a flash. That’s that job done then – tick.

CoolClean™ Program

Official Partner of... overflowing-linen-basket-culprits

Beko CoolCleanTM technology

Sometimes the linen basket threatens to spiral out of control, with dirty washing spilling out all over the room and socks taking up residence in unexpected corners. With super energy efficient Beko CoolCleanTM technology, you can stay on top of the washing. Duospray® washing technology powered by Beko ProSmartTM Inverter Motor, efficiently washes your normal soiled cottons in cold Water, with the same performance as if you'd washed them at 40oC. Yet saving 75%* of the energy. So your bills will go down just like your linen basket. * Tested by 3rd party laboratories

StainExpert™ Program

Official Partner of... muddy shorts

Beko StainExpertTM Program

Football is a great game, but you don't always get a hero's welcome coming home in muddy shorts afterwards. Now you don't have to worry with StainExpert™ technology from Beko. This program can cope with an impressive 24 different stain types*. Powered by ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology, Beko StainExpert™ program offers various washing temperatures, a range of tumble actions, optimised wash durations and special soaking phases, to give the best conditions for getting rid of the stain and offer you a superior cleaning performance compared to normal cotton washes. * Tested by 3rd party laboratories


Official Partner of... effortlessly-stylish types

Beko DuoSpray

Effortlessly-stylish types just always look amazing, what with their perfectly pristine clothes and never the hint of a stain in sight. Well perhaps that’s because they have a Beko washing machine with DuoSpray® technology. This clever feature uses dual shower nozzles to thoroughly soak the clothes and a spray pump to maintain the water flow. This means the water and detergent gets thoroughly mixed – saving water and energy at the same time. A double bonus. Stains can even be deep treated and the wash uses minimum water and energy. So you can easily keep up your impressively stylish standards.

DrumClean Program

Official Partner of... one-less-thing-to-worry-about

Beko DrumClean

Your washing machine does a sterling job cleaning all kinds of clothes, but who’s cleaning the machine? Well we don’t want you worrying about that. With the DrumClean program from Beko, your washing machine will get the proper treatment with a special hygienic clean involving rinsing it in water heated up to 70°C. The drum and tub get a thorough automatic clean. The program only operates when the drum is empty and ensures that there are no residues left behind in the machine, thanks to hotter water and higher tumbling speeds than standard programs. So you can relax knowing your machine is taking care of itself, all clean and ready for your next load. One-less-thing-to-worry- about.

Auto Program

Official Partner of... load-and-go types

Beko Auto Program

If you’re a load-and-go type, it’s probably as much as you can do to get the clothes to the washing machine. Who then wants to sort them out into the right programs? Let the machine take the load for you. The Beko AutoProgram and smart sensors will automatically work out what type of fabric you’ve put in, how many clothes there are and choose the right washing program; cotton, synthetics, blended, all done. Washing your clothes can be easy.Now you can get on with loads of fun stuff instead.

Anti-Allergy+ Program

Official Partner of... precious ones

Beko Hygiene+ Program

Your little bundle of joy is so precious, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep them safe and sound. That’s why you’ll love the new Hygiene+ program (powered by ProSmart Inverter Motor) in your Beko washing machine. Thanks to custom drum movements, sensitive temperature control and additional rinse and spin cycles, you can get premium hygienic cleaning results for all your laundry at any temperature (20°C - 90°C). As well as using 70% less energy than conventional programs, cycles as low as 20°C are approved by 3rd party laboratories, while the 60°C cycle, approved by Allergy UK, eliminates 99.9% of allergens. So you can rest assured no micro-evil will touch your precious one.

Woolmark® Apparel Care

Official Partner of... best jumper types

Beko Woolmark® Apparel Care

Your best snuggly jumper might have holes in it already, but you’re still scared of putting it in the washing machine. You want to keep it at its snuggly best. Luckily Beko washing machines have Woolmark® Apparel Care registration, will take care of your machine-washable precious woollens too. So you can soon be back in your best jumper.

Pet Hair Removal

Official Partner of... furry friends

Beko Pet Hair Removal

Try as you might but you can’t get the dog off the sofa. It’s that look he gives you when you try and shove him off. And of course the cat sleeps on the bed. They wouldn’t stand for anything less. That does mean lots of pet hair on your bedding, best trousers, meeting outfit... everywhere. The Pet Hair Removal function on your Beko washing machine can lend you a helping hand. It has a pre-wash and a special extra rinsing program that will help minimise the pet hair on your laundry. With the Pet Hair Removal cycle you can be sure that less stray pet hairs linger where they’re not welcome, and you might even want to put Whiskers’ and Rover’s bedding through a wash cycle of their own too.

Fast+™ Function

Official Partner of... I-want-it-fast types

Beko Fast Function

The one thing I-want-it-fast types truly hate is waiting. Life is too short for dawdling waiters, slow internet or delayed trains. So when it comes to the washing machine, they want things to go as fast as possible too. Fortunately, there’s Beko Fast+ function. At the push of a button, you can shorten the length of programs by up to 55%. So now the washing can go as fast as you want it to.

Quick (14') Function

Official Partner of... fresh new looks

Beko Quick Program

You’re the kind of person who loves shopping and has to have a fresh new look all the time. Half the fun is showing it off to your friends. But once you’ve found your fresh new look, you don’t want to be wearing it straight from the shop, out for the first time. After all, you tried it on in the shop after lots of other people – ew. It needs a run through the washing machine to make sure it’s really clean before you wear it. Luckily you’ve got the Xpress Super Short 14 minute cycle* on your Beko washing machine, so you won’t have to wait for long. By the time you’ve phoned all your friends, your outfit will be washed and ready. Now let’s check out that new bar... *For 2kg lightly soiled garments.