Smart Oven Technology and Innovation

Side Venting Technology

Official Partner of... proud cooks

Beko Oven Side Venting Technology

A lot of love goes into each and every one of your creations – although you’ve become a master at creative decorating since your son’s birthday cake just keeps coming out wonky every year. Ahem. Fortunately Beko Side Venting technology gives the high performance cooking that your masterpieces deserve. In addition to the hot air from the fan, hot air is blown from the side and back walls of the oven into the centre, allowing everything to cook evenly. This uniform air circulation cooks every inch of your proud creations to perfection. If you fancy multi-level cooking you can, without mixing the flavours or aromas. So no fish-flavoured brownies. Phew. Plus as an impressive bonus, Beko Side Venting technology cooks everything up to 30% faster*. So your famous sponge cake will rise up so perfectly the family might hesitate to eat it. (Fat chance). *Tested by internal laboratories


Official Partner of... Extended Families

Beko Oven CookMaster®

When you have your extended family over for dinner, there’s no point scrimping on the oven size. If ten year old Joe doesn’t get enough roast potatoes there will be real tears. Beko CookMaster™ with its 94Litre gross capacity means you can cook lots of food in one go – even though it’s the same size as a standard oven. So if you need to cook a turkey that feeds mums and dads, sons and daughters, grandchildren and cousins, 12 or more, it’s no problem. You can even get 5 shelves cooking perfectly evenly at the same time, with the additional hot air distribution if you have Beko Side Venting technology too. So that’s enough roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, stuffing and veggie alternative to feed everyone. Or an awful lot of chocolate muffins on any other day. What a dilemma.

SteamAid™ Cooking

Official Partner of... easy-life-types

Beko Oven SteamAid™ Cooking

All the top chefs are at it. Now, as a cooking adventurer, you want in on the steam-assisted-cooking action. Well, with Beko SteamAidTM you can add a new technique to your repertoire. Not only will your food taste amazing, it keeps all those lovely nutrients in too. So whether you’re cooking veggies, meat or fish, they’ll be perfectly crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Delicious. We’ve worked with top chefs to give you 52 automatic cooking programs.


Official Partner of... delicious mess

Beko Oven CleanZone™

Beko CleanZone revolutionary oleophobic technology coating on our oven glass doors resists dirt and grime, so you don’t need to spend precious time cleaning. So go ahead – cook that messy dinner.

SoftClose® Door

Official Partner of... sneaky treaters

Beko Oven SoftClose® Door

When it’s that special someone’s birthday, sneaky treaters are always up early to bake them a surprise cake. And, boy, you’re thankful for the newly designed Beko SoftClose® Door on your oven. Because that certain someone is such a light sleeper that even the smallest slam will wake them up. You’ve kept all your usual banging of bowls and crashing of cutlery down to a minimum. And thanks to the clever hinges, you’ve managed to close and open the oven door extremely softly and super quietly. Next challenge – wrap up the presents with extreme shhhhhhhh.

Catalytic Walls

Official Partner of... easy-life-types

Beko Oven Catalytic Walls

Hard work never hurt anyone. But it is annoying. The catalytic back wall makes cleaning quick and easy. Cleverly absorbing cooking grease and reducing food odours. Which means no more harsh cleaning chemicals! What more can you ask for?

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

Official Partner of... scrubbing-haters

Your oven’s smokin’. But not in a good way. Which means it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get scrubbing. Well, not any more. Introducing Beko’s Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning feature, which essentially does all the hard work for you. Over 120 minutes for heavy soiling, or 90 minutes for light soiling – the latter uses 25% less energy too*. This feature will heat up to 480°C and turn stubborn stains into ash, which can just be wiped away. What’s more, there are pyro-proof accessories like trays, side racks and telescopic shelves that all benefit from a quick blast too. So say goodbye to detergents and elbow grease, and hello to an easier life.

SteamShine® Cleaning

Official Partner of... like-to-relax types

Forget getting hot and bothered while scrubbing and scraping leftover food that’s stuck in your oven’s cavities. With the Beko SteamShine® Cleaning, your oven will do all the letting off steam for you. Simply pour some water into the tray and as the water evaporates it will soften the food leftovers in your oven, making it easier to clean. Phew.

Non-Stick Tray™

Official Partner of... hurried hand-washers

That meal may have been a masterpiece, but it’s left a work of art on the tray. Cleaning this stuck-on food can be hard, but with Beko’s ceramic-coated Non-Stick Tray™ you can wipe it off in no time at all. So it’s perfect if you’re a hand- washer in a hurry.

Telescopic Shelves

Official Partner of... the big reveal

The delicious smell has brought everyone into the kitchen. They’re dying to see what you’re bringing out of the oven. You don’t want to ruin the moment by struggling to get your masterpiece out. Telescopic shelves let you ergonomically retrieve heavy dishes from the oven – safely and easily. The full extension telescopic shelf comes out of the oven completely – for maximum ease. Partial telescopic shelves come 2/3 of the way out. So you can do the big reveal without the tragedy of dropping a cake on the floor. Or spilling the casserole. Plus you can easily turn over your bagels without any tricky balancing acts. Phew.

Halogen Illumination

Official Partner of... proud bakers

You’ve sieved, you’ve beaten and you’ve mixed. Of course you want to see your creation rise to perfection. That’s why we’ve added new halogen lights to the left corner of our ovens – so you can see your masterpiece with ease. After all, the first bite is with the eyes.