Smart Dishwasher Technology and Innovation


Official Partner of... handwashing-haters

Beko AquaIntense

For handwashing-haters, dried on dirty dishes are nowhere near as much fun as the dinner party. AquaIntense® - a special ‘Intensive Zone’ on the right hand side of the machine – is able to achieve 5 times improved cleaning performance*, thanks to a 180° rotating arm and 360° water coverage to get those pots and pans sparkling. So put your feet up. * Tested by internal laboratories with intensive 70 programs

Ultimate Glass Care

Official Partner of... dress-to-impress types

Beko Ultimate Glass Care

Beko Ultimate Glass Care is a complete package, containing everything you need to take care of your glasses – giving you the shiny, glossy glasses you love, so dress-to-impress types can do more impressing. Auto GlassShield® technology offers a 20 times* increased lifetime guarantee compared to standard dishwashers, so your good impressions will last. *Tested by TRLP (TUEV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH)

Active Fan Dry

Official Partner of... hosts-with-the-most

Beko Active Fan Dry

Hosts-with -the-most just want to throw the best party around. But there's so much to think about! After being the perfect host all night, the last thing you want to do in the morning is wait for your dishes to dry before putting them away. Beko dishwashers are equipped with active fan drying system which helps to increase air circulation in the dishwashers to reach perfect drying results with normal temperatures, so you can put your dry dishes into the cupboard straight away. *Please note the drying efficiency of any dishwasher can be diminished dependent on the quantity of plastic articles included in the dishwashing load.

Fast+™ Function

Official Partner of... party hosts

Beko Fast Function

Party hosts need all their glasses and dishes clean quickly. There’s far too much to do to wait around for the dishwasher. The Fast+TM function from Beko in your dishwasher gives you an amazing 3 times faster cleaning performance*. It can save you 70%* of your valuable time while getting your dishes sparkling clean too - giving you all the more time to spend making sparkling conversation with your guests. * Tested by internal laboratories

ProSmart™ Inverter Motor

Official Partner of... quiet-eco-worriers

Beko ProSmart Inverter Motor

You can’t help but think of the environment. Well, you would think if that dishwasher wasn’t so loud. So, here’s a solution to help with both of your worries. The ProSmartTM Inverter Motor in your dishwasher is not only 2 times quieter* than most (due to no friction in your motor). It also helps to save energy, and save water, by using only what’s necessary. That’s a load off your mind. Now with the ProSmartTM Inverter Discharge Pump available in selected models, you’ll have even more silent washing cycles.


Official Partner of... prefer-the-easy-life types

Beko TrayWash

If you prefer the easy life and have better things to do than scrub oven trays and shelves, then you’ll love TrayWashTM from Beko. The TrayWashTM innovation saves you time and energy with a special design that lets you place two trays in the lower basket and one in the upper, secured by tray holding accessories. A strong high pressure tray clean program and extra rinse does the hard work for you. So you can get back to the easy life.


Official Partner of... busy burpers

Beko BabyProtect+

New babies mean a lot of work, feeding, burping, changing nappies. At least cleaning their paraphernalia needn’t be hard work with BabyProtect+® technology in your dishwasher to help you. Beko BabyProtect+® has a special program that includes antibacterial settings and special accessories to take care of your babies’ health along with the rest of the dishes. It means you can be assured of 99.9999% hygiene. There’s also an antibacterial seal, an additional rinsing step, and a final hot 70°C rinsing that’s perfect for babies bottles. Plus, there’s even a special baby bottle holder in the lower basket. Awww.