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Official Partner of... show-off-cooks


Official Partner of... show-off-cooks

beko IndyFlex

Show-off-cooks often think big is better. Of course, cooking for lots of people on the hob could be a squeeze. That’s where the flexibility of Beko IndyFlex® comes in. It lets you configure the hob to suit, letting you merge 2 zones together to create 1 (or 2) big cooking zones as you need them. So whether it’s a big pan roasting a whole salmon or a giant dish of spaghetti carbonara, it can sit on the hob quite happily. Remember to put it on the table with a big flourish as well.

High Efficiency Gas Burner

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High Efficiency Gas Burner

Touch Sensitive Controls

Official Partner of... smooth movers

Let’s be honest, we all love a dance about in the kitchen. But why should your feet have all the fun? Get your fingers in on the action with the Beko Touch Sensitive Control feature. Slide to the left. Slide to the right. And enjoy up to 19 precision cooking levels at the touch of, well, quite a futuristic button. What’s more, there’s a timer for each zone, so you have total control over what’s cooking (and what’s not) in your kitchen, baby.

Cast Iron Pan Support

Official Partner of... favourite-pot-pans

Favourite-pot-fans don’t want their precious dinner spilling because of the pot rocking or tilting on the hob. That’s where Beko Cast Iron Pan Supports can help. They offer maximum stability to all shapes and sizes of pans. Plus they add some professional style to your hob. A bonus for those who like good food that looks good while it’s brewing too.

High Power Wok Burner

Official Partner of... slurp my-noooooodles-like-this types

Slurp-my-noooooooooodles-like-this types love their woks. Love sucking up their noodles with an enthusiastic ‘slurp’. And have the greatest respect for heat in the kitchen. They’re sure to love the Beko High Power Wok Burner. The Beko High Power Wok Burner gives you an extremely intense flame at a hot 5kw. This allows heat to be more evenly distributed across the bottom of the pan – improving cooking performance and cooking your noodles in a shorter time. So now there’s no need to go to Chinatown for noodles, you can slurp them in your own kitchen!

Gas Safety

Official Partner of... safety-first types

You’re only human. So, yes, sometimes you might get distracted by the doorbell, phone, or that must-see TV soap cliffhanger. But never fear. Should the wind blow in and blow your gas flames out, or your pan boils over while you’re under the spell of a gripping storyline, this gas safety feature will automatically turn your gas supply off, keeping you safe. No leaks. No worries. No way did he just say that!