Smart Cooktop Technology and Innovation

IndyFlex™ Zone

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Beko Cooktop IndyFlex™ Zone

Merge two zones together at the touch of a button. Great for when you need to use a larger pan, you can easily merge two cooking zones together thanks to IndyFlex™ technology in our induction cooktop.

High Efficiency Gas Burner

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Beko Cooktop High Power Wok Burner

3 starving hungry kids and somewhere to be in an hour means you do need to be a bit of a lunch magician in the kitchen. You have 3 pans on the go, 2 children at the table, 1 running around your feet…..and why does the phone have to ring now? Luckily Beko High-Efficiency™ Gas Burners on your stove give you the extra magic you need. They cook more quickly – and 25%* more efficiently than standard burners, saving you time and money. Food takes up to 35% less time to cook and uses 17% less gas than standard burners**. Unfortunately we can’t help you with pulling rabbits out of hats. *Tested by internal laboratories **Approved by Intertek UK

Touch Sensitive Controls

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Let’s be honest, we all love a dance about in the kitchen. But why should your feet have all the fun? Get your fingers in on the action with the Beko Touch Sensitive Control feature. Slide to the left. Slide to the right. And enjoy up to 19 precision cooking levels at the touch of, well, quite a futuristic button. What’s more, there’s a timer for each zone, so you have total control over what’s cooking (and what’s not) in your kitchen, baby.

Cast Iron Pan Support

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Favourite-pot-fans don’t want their precious dinner spilling because of the pot rocking or tilting on the hob. That’s where Beko Cast Iron Pan Supports can help. They offer maximum stability to all shapes and sizes of pans. Plus they add some professional style to your hob. A bonus for those who like good food that looks good while it’s brewing too.

Gas Safety

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Beko Cooktop Gas Safety First

You’re only human. So, yes, sometimes you might get distracted by the doorbell, phone, or that must-see TV soap cliffhanger. But never fear. Should the wind blow in and blow your gas flames out, or your pan boils over while you’re under the spell of a gripping storyline, this gas safety feature will automatically turn your gas supply off, keeping you safe. No leaks. No worries. No way did he just say that!

Direct Access Premium Control

Direct Access Premium Control

Giving you complete control and flexibility in the kitchen, touch controls for each cooking zone allow you to adjust the heat level of your pots and pans separately, at the simple touch of a button. The Premium design means the zones and controls only light up when you turn it on so your kitchen stays sleek and stylish.

Automatic Cooking Functions

Beko Cooktop Automatic Cooking Functions

With the Automatic Functions from Beko you can choose from Fry, Simmer and Keep Wam settings, to cook all parts of your meal perfectly with just one button.

Booster Function

Beko Cooktop Booster Function

Helping you save time, use the booster function to set the cooking zone to its maximum power, reaching the highest temperature quickly and efficiently.

Stop & Go Function

Beko Cooktop Stop & Go Function

Beko Stop & Go™ technology lets you turn off all zones on the cooktop with the touch of a button and then back on again to exactly where they were. So when the phone rings or the doorbell goes you won’t ruin your dinner.