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Traditional Turkish Coffee at the Touch of a Button

Traditional Turkish Coffee at the Touch of a Button
29 August 2018 537 Views

Did you know Turkish coffee is the oldest method of coffee preparation? Estimated to have started around the beginning of the 15th century, it has been traditionally known for its intensity. Originally, Turkish coffee was brewed on hot sand. That’s right, hot sand! Fast forward to modern times and you’ll find the coffee being brewed on the stove.But there is another way we want to tell you about.

For lovers of Turkish coffee, you are going to love our traditional Turkish Coffee Machine! It’s so easy to enjoy the traditional Turkish coffee with the Beko Turkish Coffee Machine. Simply add coffee, sugar, put the coffee pot in the machine, press a button and in a few seconds, you have perfect Turkish coffee – every time!

Now you can get your fragrant, perfectly brewed and delicious Turkish coffee with simply the touch of a button. Does this make you weak at the knees? Well, maybe you should take a seat because you can now effortlessly enjoy the unique taste of Turkish coffee without the long process.

If you’re after a low-maintenance, sleek and slimline machine that can prepare up to three perfect cups of traditional Turkish coffee, then the Turkish Coffee Maker BKK 2300 is for you. With simple one-touch operation and an audible warning that lets you know your coffee is ready, it is perfect for our busy lives. One cup is as easy as three cups of Turkish coffee with this machine. Don’t worry if you need more, we’ve got even numbers sorted for you too.

The Beko Turkish Coffee Maker BKK 2113 can create one to four cups of perfect coffee simultaneously at the touch of a button. More than that, it allows you to prepare two different tasting coffees simultaneously! It’s the perfect coffee maker for a popular soul like yourself. Equipped with a 1L detachable smart water tank, the Beko coffee machine allows for easy refilling,

No worries about spilling either, as the machines are fitted with a special anti-flood system called Anti-Spill. The Cook Sense technology boils coffee to give the consistency and excellent taste of Turkish coffee, with the Spinjet water jet mixing system making sure it’s all blended to perfection.

Beko have created user-friendly coffee machines that are easy to use, efficient and low maintenance, yet still create that perfectly brewed, aromatic Turkish coffee – every time. That’s why Beko are the official partner of coffee breaks.

Find the range of Turkish coffee machines and Turkish coffee here: https://shop.beko.com.au