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Top Tips to Fold Ironing in Half

Top Tips to Fold Ironing in Half
13 August 2019 1497 Views

Would you rather cut your ironing time in half and spend the rest of your day doing something you actually want to do in life? Or… spend hours slaving away iron-in-hand bored out of your mind? Oh, and either way you look just as good. Tough one, hey? Well, Beko has come to your rescue; the tumble dryer is your hero, steam vapour your savour, the anti-creasing function is your salvation.

Gone are the days of “sorry I can’t come out, I’ve got to do the ironing”. Ironing, smironing. Christmas has come early this year. At Beko, we understand household chores are at the bottom of the fun list, so the less time they take, the better life can be! With Beko’s top tips and washing machine technology, you can spend less time doing what you don’t want to do, and more time enjoying yourself. So, here’s how…

1. Foil your Folds Faster

Now it might sound a little strange, but by covering your ironing board with shiny-side-up foil before you iron your clothes, you can effectively iron them from both sides at the time. Half the work, half the time. Science baby.

2. Improve your Technique

Who knew there was actually an ‘ironing technique’? But hey, who knew that high-heeled crocs existed? That’s right, you’re supposed to iron in straight, long strokes – apparently wiggling the iron around can actually create new creases in the fabric, and we all know ironed-in-creases are the most annoying to get out. So, get practising.

3. SteamCure™Away the Crinkles

Beko’s SteamCure™ technology uses low temperature steam vapour that rises from the bottom of the drum. When it’s used at the end of the program, it makes laundry softer and reduces creasing by 15%. (Side-note, it can also be used at the beginning of the program to soften the dirt, making it easier to remove and giving better washing results!) You’re welcome.

4. Get your Order Right

Yes, if you’re ironing a singlet, you don’t need to worry about ironing in any particular order, just get it done. But shirts, well that’s a whole other story. Ever ironed the same part of a shirt about six times because you can’t remember if you’ve done it already or not? Probably. So, stick to the order: outside in; start with the collar, then the cuffs, and work your way in from there. That shirt will be tip top in no time.

5. Tumble Dry your Way to Free Time

If your Beko dryer has the auto anti-creasing function, well, it does what it says on the tin (i.e. saves you a bucket-load of time). By the time you remember you’ve put the dryer on and forgotten to check up on your washing, your Beko dyer is using its Auto Anti-creasing function to tumble your clothes and keep them free of unwanted creases. Nifty, eh?

There you go, five easy tips on how to spend less time ironing, and more time enjoying. For those of you out there that refuse to be constrained by societal expectations of spending hours on end ironing your clothes into a creaseless masterpiece, good on ya. There’s more important things in life! With Beko’s anti-creasing, steam-curing technology, the anti-ironing empowerment movement can become a thing. Get on board…but not the ironing board, because ironing smironing… right?

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