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The New Premium Laundry Range from Beko

5 March 2018 589 Views

Now, we know you’ve all been eagerly waiting for it, crying out for it, losing sleep over it, but yearn no more, the time has finally come. That’s right, it’s here at last; Beko’s new Premium Laundry Range, including premium washing machines and a premium hybrid dryer. Excited? You have good reason to be.

We know how important cutting out waste is in this day and age, so that’s why our new innovations help to save you energy, money, and time. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It’s always tricky to judge exactly the right amount of detergent and softener when you’re washing your clothes. Just think about how much you waste each time you accidentally put too much in; it all adds up! But not only does excess detergent and softener turn into wastage, but it decreases rinsing performance, which in turn, means your washing machine has to inject in more water to ensure your clothes are properly rinsed. However, with Beko’s new Premium Washing Machines, you can save yourself on detergent, water and energy. That’s because our Autodosing technology will measure the load, and determine the detergent amount depending on the load amount and selected functions.

Simply fill the detergent draw once, and voila; the optimum amount of detergent and softener will be released into each wash load, for up to 23 washes*. That’s a hassle-free, energy saving, water saving, money saving innovation right there!

Okay, we’ve explained our premium washers, so now we’ll move onto the dryers. In a nutshell, you have two choices here, either save time, or saving energy and therefore, money. And the beauty of it is, you have the flexibility to switch between the fast mode and eco mode whenever best suits you. Gosh, it’s a tough life isn’t it?

‘But how does it work?’ we hear you cry.

Well, in Rapidry mode, you can dry your clothes on a much shorter cycle, to give you 24% faster drying rates (when compared to cotton cupboard dry program). Not only does Rapidry speed up the washing process so you can enjoy doing the things you love instead of household chores, but it cleverly manages to maintain a high energy efficiency. Crickey, talk about the best of both worlds.

If perhaps, you’re not in such a rush, then our Eco Program might be the one for you. Our heat pump tumble dryers recycle the hot air that works as a drying mechanism; it’s simply re-used to dry out your clothes at a lower temperature. This option offers fantastic energy savings in comparison to traditional vented and condenser tumble dryers that release the hot air used to dry your clothes straight after use. In contrast, our heat pump tumble dryers with Rapidry technology are rated 8 Star Energy in Eco Mode and 6 Star Energy in Fast Mode, and not only does our Eco Mode offer you energy saving in comparison to conventional condenser dryers, but it doesn’t even compromise drying results! Not bad hey? Now you can spend that money you save with Eco Mode, on something so much more enjoyable than clothes washing. You’re welcome.

Find out more about the NEW Beko Premium Laundry Range here: https://www.beko.com.au

*Depends on size of load, autodose setting and functions used