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Sparkling Dishes Are Only 4 Steps Away

Sparkling Dishes Are Only 4 Steps Away
10 October 2018 551 Views

There’s nothing more embarrassing than hosting a dinner party, only to get called up on your not-so-sparkly plates, or even worse, old food-speckled plates. You want to be the host(ess) with the most(ess), the sparkle king or queen. Well, have no fear, in a few simple steps you can ensure your Beko dishwasher is cleaning your dishes to its full potential; no longer will food-splattered plates invade your dreams (nightmares), no longer will dull-dishes be your downfall, no. Sparkling plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery will lead the way in this new age of cleanliness! And here’s how;

1. Arm-less

To kick things off, pull out the bottom basket of the dishwasher to give you easy access to the good stuff, and by good stuff we mean the particle filters and the spray arms of course… So, remove the top and bottom spray arms; the bottom spray arm should just pop right off, and for the top arm, just turn the dial and twist it off. Give the arms a rinse down with a hose to get rid of any debris, and replace them back in the dishwasher (make sure the top arm clicks back into place).

2. Filters Galore

Next, we turn to the filters; the filter container is located in the base of the dishwasher, so twist and lift it out and place it on a work-surface. There are actually two filters contained in this part; a coarse filter to capture any bigger food particles, and a micro-filter to capture the smaller stuff. For the coarse filter, just give it a rinse under the tap and a wipe down too. With the micro-filter, it’s a good idea to get the scourer out and give it a good old scrub both inside and out. Even though it might look clean, it’s important to get as much debris off as possible, to make sure dishwashing performance is at its best (think of the sparkles!). Once you’re done with the filters, pop them back together and then back into the dishwasher the same way as they came out; slide it right in but most importantly make sure it clicks back into place. If it doesn’t click, well, debris can just bypass right by both filters and clog up your dishwasher. Can you think of anything worse?

If you’re lucky enough to have one of the new Premium Beko Dishwashers, then you’ll be blessed with an EverClean filter, which makes maintaining your dishwasher even easier as it keeps the filter clean for up to four times longer. Got to love technology hey?

3. Spigot (it’s a real word ok!)

As much as it may sound like a made-up word, it’s an important part of the plumbing under your sink and vital to the operation of your dishwasher, and since it’s the narrowest point of discharge for the water, it’s where blockages can commonly occur. This part is located under your sink, and is where the discharge hose connects into your S-bend. Don’t worry, that’s the extent of the technical terminology, promise. Remove the clamp connecting the discharge hose to the S-bend, and pull off the hose. This will reveal the beloved spigot; a little spout normally angled at 45 degrees to the S-bend. Check both the hose and spigot are clear of all debris (as already mentioned, if there is a blockage of any kind it’s likely to be here). Re-connect the discharge hose and don’t forget the clamp. Almost done now…

4. Water, Water Everywhere (hopefully not)

Right then, to finish things off, you just need to check if there is any water (caused by a blockage) in the flood pan located at the bottom of the dishwasher. Unfortunately, you will need to move the whole dishwasher out of its normal resting place here, as you’re going to have to tilt the whole thing to get any excess water caused by the blockage out. Before you get tilting, it’s probably a good idea to put an old towel down behind the dishwasher to stop a mini-flood of your kitchen. Better safe than wet, right? Okay then, get tilting. If there is any water in there, make sure it all runs out of the flood pan, but other than that you’re good to go!

So, there are four easy steps on how to maintain your dishwasher; it doesn’t take long, in fact it probably takes the same amount of time to do the above than to read the above. What are you waiting for?! We know appliance maintenance isn’t the most enthralling chore, but five minutes of work is worth it to keep those pearly whites (plates not teeth) as pearly white as possible. Get those dinner party invites sent out…the sparkle king / queen has returned.

For a video reference of what you should do to maintain your dishwasher please watch this video: How to Maintain Your Dishwasher video

Find out more about Beko dishwashers here: https://www.beko.com.au/smart-dishwasher-technology