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Life Saving Stain Removal Hacks

Life Saving Stain Removal Hacks
17 July 2019 1890 Views

Stains. We all get them. Admittedly, some more than others, and we can probably all agree, nobody seems to like them. Now, if you have kids, chances are you may see stains more often than not. Then there’s those effortlessly-stylish types who always seem to look incredible, with their perfectly clean clothes and never a stain in sight. How do they avoid staining their clothes? Or do they just know the tips and tricks, so those stains don’t stay? It got us thinking and we decided to share our life saving stain removal hacks.

1. How to Remove a Variety of Different Stains

Sometimes it feels like you need to be the one who knows everything in the laundry. After all, there are so many stains, and how can you remember what to do for them all? That’s where Beko’s StainExpert™Program comes to the rescue!

This program can handle 24 different stain types*. Now that’s sure to help you with your stain dilemmas.

Powered by ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology, Beko StainExpert™ program gives you a variety of washing temperatures and a range of tumble actions. This will give you optimised wash durations, special soaking phases and the best conditions for getting rid of stains. Compared to a regular cotton wash, this gives you a superior clean - and a whole lot less stains. Thank you!

2. How to Remove Grass Stains

Sporting types are great at getting grass stains on their sports gear. Anyone else cringe when they heard the term ‘grass stains’? If you’re the one doing the laundry, you quite possibly did. Think about it, footy is a great game, but coming home with muddy shorts afterwards isn’t going to give you any fans in the laundry department, especially if combined with grass stains.

You can try this hack before you wash the clothing. Rinse the stain in warm water and soak in hydrogen peroxide. Let sit for 30 minutes and gently rub to work in. Pop in the washing machine and you’re good to go.

An easier option is to use the Beko StainExpert™ program we mentioned earlier!

3. How to Remove Dirt Stains

Removing dirt stains can take time. When we’re juggling so many things in our busy lives, when we see stains, it can raise the stress levels. Simple tips like rubbing detergent into the stain and soaking can be problematic if you’re soaking the whole garment. The mud can dissolve and end up all over the fabric.

A quick and efficient way to remove those annoying dirt stains is to use Beko’s SteamCure™ technology which can be used at the beginning of certain cycles. It distributes steam vapour into the drum, softening the dirt. When the dirt softens, it makes it easier to remove and gives a better washing result.

Combined with Beko’s DuoSpray® technology, your clothes can be dirt free. This smart feature makes the most of its dual shower nozzles to fully soak the clothes. It also uses a spray pump to keep the water flow, meaning the water and detergent gets carefully and totally mixed. The bonus of this, is the DuoSpray® deep treats stains and uses minimum water and energy. High five!

Underarm Stains

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to remove those underarm stains, try equal parts of lemon juice and water and give a gentle scrub before washing. You can also try vinegar if you don’t have lemon juice.

Blood Stains

Try soaking in a mixture of 1 litre cold water and 2 Tablespoons of salt before tossing in the washing machine.

Red Wine Stains

Oops! When there’s a red wine spillage it can often spell disaster if it ends up on your clothes. Never fear! If you spill red wine on your clothes, use a small amount of white wine on the area to watch it disappear. Use some paper towel to blot and stop spreading. This is a good one!

Now, we hear many of you saying you’d just prefer one thing that does it all. A simple option. Remember Beko’s StainExpert™ program we talked about? Underarm, blood and red wine stains are all part of this program. How’s that for efficient?

There’s our life saving stain removal hacks to save you time - and reduce your stress levels

Find out more about Beko’s smart washing machine technology here: https://www.beko.com.au/smart-washing-machine-technology

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