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How to Clean Your Oven

How to Clean Your Oven
24 October 2018 1182 Views

We know that for many of us, cooking is great fun, but sometimes cooking the most delicious food can leave the oven pretty filthy. Now that’s not so fun. Dirty ovens are a fact of life, but don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to stick the rubber gloves on and give it a good load of elbow grease. Gone are those days. Thankfully at Beko, our new technologies are making cleaning ever easier, so goodbye heavy scrubbing and harsh chemicals, and hello gentle wiping and a sweat-free forehead. Crickey, don’t say we don’t treat you.

So here are a number of easy-clean options you can utilise to help keep your oven sparkling and your rubber gloves safely stored away at the back of the cupboard - hopefully to never be used again...

1. Pyrolytic Self Cleaning

Yes, it’s as fancy as it sounds and the beauty is that it’s really quite straight forward. Beko’s Pyrolytic function heats up your oven to 480 ̊C; at this temperature, all food residue is turned to ash. That’s the way to do it hey; no chemical cleaning agents required, you’re just utilising an oven’s greatest function – heat production! From grease to ash, and all that you need to do at the end of it is simply wipe out the ash with a damp cloth. Bam, clean.

2. Steam Shine Cleaning

Next up is Beko’s Steam Shine Cleaning that once again, uses heat itself to do all the hard work. Simply pour some water into the reservoir section of the oven, and start the steam cleaning program. The oven heats up to 90 ̊C and the water in the reservoir begins to evaporate into steam. This steam is then injected into the oven cavity and softens any remaining food and oil inside the oven, so all that’s left to do is a gentle wipe over with a cloth. Science hey?

3. Nano Coating Clean Zone

It seems there’s a direct correlation between the tastiness of the food you cook and the amount of mess it leaves in the oven…how can such a tasty turkey leave such awful grease stains?! Have no fear, Beko’s Oleophobic Technology is here (try saying that one quickly…). The oleophobic technology coating on the inside of Beko ovens’ glass doors, helps to resist dirt and grime. Surprise, surprise! There’s no need for heavy duty cleaners, simply a quick wipe with a soft cleanser every 20 uses is all your oven needs. Time to cook the tastiest turkey of all time.

4. Catalytic Liners

Let’s face it, when grease and other substances evaporate and harden on the walls of the oven, it looks and smells not just dirty, but outright filthy. That’s where Beko’s Catalytic Liners are here to help; these are catalytic panels mounted on the back and sides of Beko ovens that absorb cooking grease and reduce food odours. So, do you know what your cleaning role is here? Well, it’s non-existent. Catalytic liners will do it all for you.

Four different technologies, a whole lot of ingenious thought behind them, but all built for the same purpose; to help keep your oven as clean as possible! Hopefully with minimal cleaning required, you will no longer dread the aftermath of a feast, and instead, take the time and pleasure to cook whatever you want, whenever you want. But most importantly, to clean without using those dreaded rubber gloves. You’re welcome.

Find out more about Beko ovens at https://www.beko.com.au/smart-oven-technology