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Ellia Green’s Top Five Tips to Stay Fit and Motivated in Winter

Ellia Green’s Top Five Tips to Stay Fit and Motivated in Winter
13 June 2019 2126 Views

It’s Winter, cold and you’re struggling to get out of bed to go to the gym in the morning. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Professional athlete, Ellia Green knows how hard it is to stay motivated to stay fit during Winter. Training all year round, throughout all seasons and conditions, she’s tried and tested many ways to stay on top of the regular training sessions.

As Beko’s Eat Like A Pro Ambassador, Ellia’s mission is to inspire kids and families to eat well and to live healthy and active lifestyles. This includes the colder months of the year. Here are Ellia’s top five tips to stay fit and motivated this Winter.

Get Motivated

Winter arrives in the middle of peak rugby season and Ellia is always looking for different ways to stay motivated. This keeps her on track to stay committed and stick to her sometimes-chaotic schedule.

Even with a busy life, we all need to have days off. While this time off is great, it’s important to stick to a healthy lifestyle and make it fun. Easy ways of doing this are making a delicious and nutritious breakfast or doing exercise you love. You can always buy a new pair of sneakers – the more colourful the better, whatever gets you out of bed on these Winter mornings and keeps you motivated!

Pump Up the Beats

You know when you hear that song and it changes the whole feeling of what you are doing? That song that gets you “in the zone”. Ellia’s go to song is Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’ and her Heartbreaker album. This album gets her pumped for a good workout. The music also allows Ellia to be in her own little bubble, staying in control of her mind, body and soul. It’s her music to sweat to!

Ellia shares how a fantastic beat can help set the pace of the workout. So, if Emotions by Mariah is playing, she knows it’s time to give her all and pick up the pace. What’s your song that picks up the tempo for you?

Turn Up the Tempo

When it’s Winter, we want to warm up, especially those muscles that stiffen up in the cold weather. Being cold when training is not much fun. Try a fast-paced cardio session which is a great warm up. Even if you only have 5 minutes, or as long as 45 minutes, by getting your heart pumping each day, the Winter low will be pushed aside, and you’ll feel a whole lot more energised.

Ellia likes to begin with a five-minute cardio session for her Winter workouts. After this she works on interval training on the rowing machine and squat bike to gain energy and drive for the training ahead. An essential part of training, warming up the body prepares you for more demanding exercises such as weight training.

Avoid the Carbs

When it comes to Ellia’s fitness and health routine, nutrition plays an essential role. To ensure she is fueling her body, Ellia eats high quality, nutritious and balanced meals. To keep up with the rigorous training, these meals are centered around lean meats, with lots of veggies or salad.

Ellia understands how easy it is to opt for the carb-heavy options in Winter, however, tends to go for soups like minestrone or pumpkin because they are warming, filling and full of nutrition. Her pick of the soup recipes is Beko’s Eat Like A Pro Pumpkin and Orange Soup with Turmeric because of its versatility to eat hot or cold. Sounds pretty good to us! The Winter-comforting flavours and just the right nutrients keep Ellia energised off and on the field.

Mix it Up

Doing the same thing every day can become a bore, fast becoming an excuse not to train. Ellia likes to do different exercises to what she normally does in training to change up her routine. Our bodies are on the lookout for ways to adapt to use the least amount of energy, so doing those same exercises all the time aren’t going to give us the results we need. If Ellia is working on legs or biceps in training, she’ll work on her core so she’s using her body in different ways.

Don’t stop there! It’s not only the parts of the body you are working on. How about the type of exercise you are doing? If you’re into running, give yoga a try. If you’re always indoors training, put on some warmer clothes and get outside for a bike ride or even a hike. By doing a variety of exercise, you are also keeping your brain engaged and that’s a great step in helping you stay motivated over the Winter months.

Find more information and recipe inspiration from Beko’s Eat Like A Pro campaign here: http://eatlikeaprobybeko.com.au