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Day on a Plate: Rugby 7’s Superstar, Ellia Green

Day on a Plate: Rugby 7’s Superstar, Ellia Green
5 November 2018 2591 Views

Ellia Green; International Rugby Sevens superstar and an Olympic gold medalist. Not bad for a 25-year-old hey? Ellia has been playing for Australia in Sevens Rugby since 2013 (previously having represented Australia in athletics!) and won gold in Rio in 2016. She’s one of the fittest female sports stars around at the moment, and it’s no surprise that it’s taken years of consistently hard training and a well-balanced diet to enable Ellia to become the machine that she is on the field today.

Ellia teamed up with us here at Beko to launch ‘Eat Like A Pro’, our worldwide initiative to assist parents in inspiring their kids to eat healthier. Our mission is to help tackle the global issue of childhood obesity by showing children what their heroes eat.

Ellia said of the campaign, “Nutrition and healthy eating is a big part of my life and Beko’s Eat Like A Pro campaign is such an important message that I am proud to be part of.”

So, what exactly does an athlete who plays one of the most physical sports eat each day?

6.30am Breakfast: For Ellia, it’s probably the most important meal of the day; she needs to ensure she gets enough energy and nutrients to fuel a long day of training. Generally, this consists of two poached eggs, a piece of brown rye toast, avocado, spinach and mushrooms, accompanied by a smoothie of yoghurt, coconut, water, banana and yet more avocado. Getting the good stuff in early!

8.00am: For all the coffee lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that even Ellia Green uses the good old caffeine trick to kick-start her day as she arrives at training. A soy cappuccino is her must-have!

9.30am Snack: As she heads out onto the training field, Ellia grabs a piece of fruit or a protein bar for that last-minute energy kick before her coaches run her into the ground for two and a half hours…

12.00pm: As soon as training finishes, a protein drink is wolfed down to help with muscle recovery. Ice baths then follow (que the shudders) and Ellia tries to drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

12.30pm Lunch: Having hopefully warmed back up a little, lunchtime offers a nutritious meal consisting of vegetables, salad, carbohydrates and two types of meat, all courtesy of the team chefs. Pasta with a meat sauce and a heap of salad is a standard lunch-time meal for Ellia, helping her to re-fuel after a hard morning, and fueling her up for a hard afternoon (a theme’s beginning to develop here…).

2.00pm: Pre-gym snack consisting of a couple of pieces of fruit and some leftovers from lunch (no one wants to waste good food do they?).

4.00pm: After the gym, it’s protein shake and supplement time to speed up yet more muscle recovery, and give her a final burst for (you guessed it…) another training session on the field (now it’s becoming clearer how Ellia developed that physique!).

5.00pm: Training done, Ellia often grabs a quick snack, usually a yoghurt, to celebrate the end of the working day. Safe to say Ellia’s working day is more active than most people’s working week.

6.30pm Dinner: To finish things off, Ellia keeps it simple; usually a couple of types of vegetables with carbohydrates and meats. She’s a big fan of chicken schnitzel and a good old Aussie steak! Once or twice a week she’ll mix things up and cook fish as a main with sweet potatoes and broccoli.

So, there it is. It’s clear that food is such a big part of an athlete’s day. But even for non-athletes, food is an integral aspect of a healthy lifestyle. For humans, food is the equivalent of fuel for a car; if you put the right stuff into the engine, it runs good! If you don’t use the right fuel, the car splutters and struggles. Okay, you’re not going to splutter through life if you don’t take in the right food, but you’ll certainly benefit both mentally and physically if you eat a well-balance diet.

Oh, and one last thing to finish off; fried chicken - that’s Ellia’s go-to cheat meal!