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5 Top Meal Prepping Tips

5 Top Meal Prepping Tips
19 November 2019 3842 Views

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard work. Remember that saying, “don’t work harder, work smarter.”? Well that goes for eating healthy also. By using simple meal prepping tips, you can save time and money, all the while keeping on track with your healthy meals. This is especially relevant as we move closer to the end of the year and all those festivities and parties. Here are our 5 top meal prepping tips to keep you on the healthy path.

1. Make a Meal Plan

Put some time aside to work out your meal plan. You want to schedule in not only your main meals, but also snacks. It’s good to go for meals you are familiar with. We get it, you may feel like this is the time to try all those fancy recipes you have been wanting to try, but to start, try to keep it simple. When you start meal prepping it can be quite overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Keep it simple!

Start with your dinner choices. This is your meal you have different most nights. Move on to lunch, breakfast, then snacks. Choose a mix of meals that have common ingredients. This will help when shopping and reduce any food wastage.

A handy tip is to always prep your breakfast. Chances are you have the same thing for breakfast every day, and the last thing you want to do in the morning is decide what to eat. It also starts your day healthy. A great one to try is Overnight Oats. There’s a delicious recipe over at Eat Like a Pro by Beko you can find here: http://eatlikeaprobybeko.com.au/recipe/overnight-oats/

2. Buy in Bulk

Write a list of all the ingredients you will need on a shopping list. Once you have your list of meals and ingredients, you’re ready to buy the ingredients. When you’re preparing your meals ahead of time, it makes sense to buy in bulk. It’s often more cost effective to do it this way too.

Ingredients like beans, rice, pasta, lentils, nuts and oats are great examples of what you can buy in bulk. These are often used in pre-prepared meals.

3. Have Your Containers Ready

You’ll need enough containers to put your meals and snacks in. It’s better to have more containers than not enough and a variety of sizes. It’s a good idea to portion out things like breakfast, lunch and snacks to individual containers as everyone in the household may not be eating at the same time – or in the same location. For dinner, your portions may be for a number of people so put them into bigger containers. Aim for leak-proof containers – you’ll be thankful for this tip!

4. The Oven and Slow Cooker are Your New Best Friends

Your dinners are the ones that are perfect to make up in bulk with some in your fridge for the week and some in the freezer for later. The slow cooker is super easy where you can throw the ingredients in and let it do its thing. Curry, casseroles, lasagne, Bolognese sauce, soups and quiches are some tasty staples for your dinners. Both the oven and the slow cooker allow you to cook up bigger meals which you can then portion out.

5. You Don’t Need to Prep the Whole Meal

The beauty of our meal prepping tips is you don’t have to prepare the full meal. You might want to cook up a batch of rice and have this ready to go. Cut up your vegetables so they are ready to freshly steam to add to your prepared meal such as lasagne. Prep your burgers and add fresh salad. All these little things will save time on the day and take away the overwhelm of meal choices which may lead to unhealthy choices.

Well, now you can see how simple it is to meal prep for a healthier lifestyle. It just takes a bit of planning.

Looking for more recipes? Eat Like A Pro by Beko has a whole section dedicated to healthy meals which you can find here: http://eatlikeaprobybeko.com.au/recipes/

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