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5 Tips for Sustainable Entertaining

5 Tips for Sustainable Entertaining
9 December 2019 4931 Views

When the festive season arrives, it brings with it a whole lot of fun, but can also have you wondering how to be a host and entertain in a way that is efficient, impressive – and won’t break the bank. With a bit of planning and some handy hints, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the time without worry. Here are 5 tips for sustainable entertaining this festive season.

1. Planning is Key

Planning is an important step in reducing your waste and keeping to budget. Another key to planning is you don’t have to figure out what to make on the spot!

When you are choosing what’s on the menu, look at sharing ingredients across recipes. This is a great way to cut down on costs and waste. Ingredients like lemon and orange can be used in both food and drinks.

Go for ingredients like beans and grains. These are great staples and inexpensive. You can also buy these in bulk to save. For fresh fruit and vegetables, once you work out what you need, then you only need to buy what you need. This will save on cost and waste.

2. Prepare in Advance

You don’t have to prepare everything in advance but doing some preparation can help. Freezing ice so you have it ready for all your guests will save you running out on the day. For something a bit different you can freeze fruit like grapes and use these in drinks as ice cubes also. Chop the vegetables and put into containers so they are ready to use in your recipes.

Dishes like potato salad, you can cook the potatoes and prepare other ingredients then mix with mayonnaise or yoghurt just before serving.

For drinks, consider making one cocktail (or mocktail) as the feature drink, rather than having to make multiple drinks. It can make it fun and also save on having to buy ingredients you may never use again.

3. Buy in Season

Buying produce in season is going to taste better and it’s generally cheaper. Fruit such as grapes, oranges and strawberries are in season in summer. There are plenty of vegetables in season in summer. The beauty of this is the fruit and vegetables will taste better, but also, it will be more cost effective.

It’s also good to buy the fruit and vegetables whole rather than pre-chopped and prepared as it saves money. It will also last longer.

You can find a seasonal guide for fruit and vegetables in Australia here: http://seasonalfoodguide.com/australia-general-seasonal-fresh-produce-guide-fruits-vegetables-in-season-availability.html

4. Reusable is Best

Waste isn’t limited to the food you use. The plates, bowls, cups, utensils, napkins, straws and even the decorations are a big part of the expense, waste – and cost, if not reusable. If you do go with disposable, aim for biodegradable.

If you don’t have any of your own dinnerware, consider asking to borrow some from a friend or family member. It doesn’t matter if they don’t match, mix it up in a way that it looks like it’s meant to be that way.

For decoration, try live plants or leaves from trees in the garden. You can even use fruit such as orange put into big glass vases as decorations that can later be used for juices or in recipes.

5. Aim for Less Waste

By planning ahead you’ll have less waste. Some leftovers are inevitable when you’re entertaining though. Have containers marked for recycling and compost ready so guests know where to put leftovers when they’re finished. Prepare extra containers and have them aside, ready for leftovers. You can eat these at a later stage or guests can take them home.

Now you have some tips for sustainable entertaining, now all you need is to think about who you want to enjoy the festivities with!

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