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5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Like A Pro!

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Like A Pro!
15 April 2019 1501 Views

Yes, there’s a lot going around about healthy eating and why everyone should get on the ‘hype’… However, in this case, it’s not just ‘hype’. It’s no fad like Hoverboards, or Justin Bieber, or Pokemon cards back in the day! It’s real, it’s important and it’s necessary.

As part of Beko’s commitment with Eat Like a Pro, our mission is to show kids how to make healthy eating fun. We do it as the Main Partner of FC Barcelona, showing kids how their heroes eat every day in order to perform their best.

But why is healthy eating important? And as adults, how can we encourage our children to eat healthy by choice? While it may seem like a hard task, it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should eat like a pro – and lead by example!

1. The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

We’ve done it to ourselves. As we have advanced as a race, we’re moved on from living off the land (and eating relatively ‘healthy’ foods), to developing foods that, whilst admittedly delicious, are extremely high in fat and sugar content. Each year, statistics are showing that children are eating increasingly worse: fewer fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods containing more fat and sugar. In some countries, nearly 35% of 6-11 years olds are overweight. Therefore, all this fuss about eating healthily isn’t just ‘hype’, it’s helping you.

The doom and gloom is out of the way now, we promise.

2. Get Creative with Food

Fast food: it does what it says on the packet…it’s fast. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s oh so tasty, there’s no denying it. But that doesn’t mean that healthy food can’t be all of those things too! It’s your chance to get creative with cooking; avocado mousse, black bean brownies, ‘healthy’ wrap-based pizzas…there’s plenty of alternatives out there to your classic burgers and chocolate. A general rule to follow is based on colour: if you’re staring at a plateful of bright and varied colours, then you generally should be on the right track (and no, a plateful of rainbow cake doesn’t count unfortunately).

3. Live A Healthier Life

This isn’t the elixir of life; immortality isn’t suddenly on the cards after eating a plateful of lettuce, no. However, if you generally follow a well-balanced, healthy diet in combination with regular exercise, you are reducing the risk of things like high cholesterol, blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

4. Live A Happier Life

Whilst a chocolate feast is certainly heavenly, the same can’t be said for the sugar crash that inevitably follows. It’s surprising just how much our food affects our mood. Think of it like a car, if you put in the right fuel, it will run beautifully. If you put in the wrong fuel, well, it will cough and splutter and come slowly to a halt. It’s the same with our bodies; if we put in the right food, we can maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day; avoiding those huge sugar crashes and slumps - and keeping on smiling all the way.

5. Live A More Productive Life

In the same vain as levelling out your moods with proper nutrition, you can ensure your productivity levels remain high throughout the day. Doing as much work as possible; isn’t that the dream? No, it doesn’t just have to be productivity levels at work, it can be anything. But by reducing intake of foods that cause spikes and slumps in energy levels, you can focus properly and get the things you need to do out the way quicker, leaving more free time for you time. Food, glorious food hey? Works wonders.

So, how about eating like a pro now? All the cool kids are doing it… Well parents, it’s up to you guys to set a good example to your kids. Of course, it can be hard work to ensure you eat healthily amidst your hectic daily schedules, but healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be quick, easy and tasty as well. Yikes, no excuses now!

To find out more about Eat Like a Pro by Beko, visit https://eatlikeaprobybeko.com.au