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3 Simple Steps to Whiter Whites

3 Simple Steps to Whiter Whites
17 October 2018 920 Views

Washing clothes isn’t everyone’s favourite pastime, but since you have to do it, you might as well do a good job of it! No one wants to wear (or at least be seen wearing) a grey-ish, off-white, white t-shirt do they? Or a lovely yellow dress with stains from your last dinner party still peeking through? No, that’s not quite socially acceptable is it? So, to ensure your washing machine washes to its full potential, it requires some maintenance every so often. Yes, your eyes may roll, but these few steps only take a matter of minutes, and will help to keep your whites sparkly white and your colours as colourful as possible!

Step 1 – The Detergent Dispenser

Yes, it may sound like the name of a bad guy in a movie, or the Terminator’s younger brother for that matter, but the detergent dispenser is your friend. So, start by removing it from the washer (pull it out a little, and depress the button in the middle tray). Give the whole thing a good rinse – if you’re using detergent powder then you might get some powder left over, so some hot water and a bit of a scrub with an old toothbrush won’t hurt. It’s also a good idea to clean the bit inside the washing machine as well (where the detergent tray has come out of), so just grab a cloth and give it a wipe over. Now replace the detergent dispenser back into the machine and bam, step 1, finished (or should we say terminated?).

Step 2 – The Filter

A slightly less menacing name, but this guy plays an equally important role. He lives on the bottom right hand side of the washer – that little door. Open it up and you’ll see a filter screw cap and also a little evacuation tube – let’s start with the evacuation tube. It’s a good idea here to have a tray handy (a BBQ tray will do) to capture any water that comes out (if you think you’re too good to use a tray, well, just remember we warned you). Grab the evacuation tube, take off the cap (it’s either blue or purple depending on your washer model) and let the water drain into the tray. Now replace the cap on the tube…easy this, isn’t it?

Next up is the filter screw cap. This time a tray’s not going to cut it, an old towel is your best bet. Give it an anti-clockwise turn and bingo, off comes the filter screw cap. Mop up any water with your towel, and remove any debris that may have been swallowed up by the screw cap. Might as well give it a good clean while you’re at it too.

Tray – tick. Towel – tick. Time to get a chopstick (yes, we’re serious – or if you’re not a fan of Chinese food, then something similarly shaped to a chopstick that you can use as a poking tool). Get down low and check the impeller in the hole where you’ve just taken the screw filter cap off. The impeller is the fan-looking object at the back; have a look for any debris caught up in it and use your chopstick (or alternative utensil of choice) to twirl the impeller round a few times; it may give some resistance, but you’re just checking here that nothing is blocking it from moving round. All sorted? Replace the filter screw cap, put away your chopstick, and close the little door over the filter cap. Step 2, done.

Step 3 – Drum Cleaning

Drum, drum, drum…ah the tension. No need to fear, this is probably the easiest step of all, and requires only a few buttons to be pressed – maximum effort. If your Beko washer has a drum clean cycle, then stick it on. If not, then select cottons and take it up to 90 degrees. No clothes required, no detergent required. This is just to ensure the quality of the inner and outer drum remain intact, and to take away any build-up of detergent or any other debris inside your washer. It’s actually a good idea to do a drum clean cycle every couple of months, as it goes a long way to making sure your washing machine stays in good health. There you go, step 3, finito.

Three simple steps to looking after your washing machine. It’s not hard, it doesn’t take long, and who says it can’t be fun…right? Just think of how white your whites could be and it’ll all be worth it!

Wanting a little more on the washing machine maintenance? This video will take you through the steps: Washing Machine Maintenance video

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