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Bupa Home Insurance - How Smart Is Your Kitchen?

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Need a hand in the kitchen? Part of modern-day living is the luxury of having cooking appliances that can actually help you cook amazing food. With Beko smart cooking solutions, you’ll never look at food preparation the same way again. We’ve been around for over 60 years, and have become the second largest white goods brand for the European market. Passionate about all things efficient, innovate, and that can make your life easier, we were excited to share our insight in a recent article by Bupa Home Insurance on the best ways to raise the IQ of your home with smart technology. Simple, straightforward solutions are the way to go, especially in the kitchen. Smart Ovens With a smart oven, you’ll never be disappointed with dry poultry again. Prepare succulent dishes with an oven that doesn’t just roast and bake, but it will steam your dishes as well for healthy, flavourful meals. Love fried food? You can now create the taste the healthy way thanks to the AeroChef Air Frying accessory. Use 13 times less oil, but with the same mouth-watering taste. You can now create healthy versions of fries and wings, nuts and popcorn for your whole family! Beko ovens are even easy to keep clean. The nano technology coating on the glass door is dirt resistant, which means you’ll never have to scrub muck and residue from your oven door again. Spend your Saturday afternoon doing what you love, not cleaning your oven. That’s our mission – letting you live a smarter, simpler life with energy-efficient innovations for everyday living.