Beko Laundry Cashback Promotion Claim $100 or $80 OFF

Frequently Asked Questions
Claim $100 or $80 OFF 

Q1. What is the promotion and what are the eligible models included in the promotion?
Beko are offering a $50 Cash Back by redemption for selected Washing Machines as listed below:

 WMA8168LB1  $80 Cashback
 WMY1048LB1  $100 Cashback

Q2. How long does the promotion run for?
The promotion is for purchases made between 1st April until 30th June 2017.

Q3. How can I claim my rebate?
To claim your Cash Back go to Claim Now Page and submit your details online.

You must submit your claim by 28th July 2017.

We also require your proof of purchase to be scanned or photo uploaded at the time of processing your claim online.

Q 4. What if my product is on Backorder?
As long as you have Proof of Purchase and paid in full, you can still claim your Cash Back.

Q 5. What if I want my product delivered after the promotional period?
As long as you have Proof of Purchase within the promotional period and paid in full, you can still claim your Cash Back.

Q 6. How will I receive my Cash Back?
By bank transfer to your bank account. You will need to supply your bank account details at time of redemption. Please take care when giving your bank account details.

Q 7. How long will it take for me to receive my Cash Back?
Up to 30 days from time claim is received and approved.

Q 8. Are Commercial (trade) purchases eligible?
No purchases made from commercial retailers are not eligible.

Q 9. Are Second Hand, Second Quality (T2) products eligible?
No, Second hand, Second Quality are not eligible.

Q 10. What should I do if I haven't received my Cash Back after 30 days?
Call Contact Customer Care on 1300 282 356